GetITCred was launched two short months ago behind the mission of providing online educational opportunities that lead to in-demand employment without saddling our learners with the high costs and inevitable debt that far too often have been thought of as “just how it works.” We’re out to prove that way of thinking wrong and through ease of access and our low price points aim to show our learners that education doesn’t have to work that way.

Our educational focus is in Information Technology (IT) because, basically, all workplaces either need experts in the field now or will in the near future. We hit the market with two foundational IT certification programs - CompTIA IT Fundamentals and CompTIA A+ - that upon completion will become stand-out-among-the-crowd credentials and resume builders. Everyone from recent high school and college grads to established IT professionals to individuals who don’t work in tech but want to expand their knowledge base will be able to do so from their personal computer and at a price point that will not require a loan. The GetIT courses are administered through the EDlumina Catalog platform, which is educational software that allows students to easily purchase, access and complete courses on their own schedule at at their own convenience.

What is CompTIA?

In terms of IT certifications, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is considered the industry’s gold standard among IT security professionals, and CompTIA accreditation is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a demonstration of the ability to handle all things IT.

Current Courses & Their Value

IT Fundamentals (ITF+) students will learn and be certified in IT Terminology, Network Foundations, Hardware & Software Basics, Web Applications, and Cybersecurity. The payoff in terms of jobs that ITF+ certification will lead to will primarily be entry-level positions, but those are often salaried roles, are increasingly in demand and can and do lead to bigger opportunities.

ITF+ certificate holders looking for employment are likely to find IT Help Desk positions, Security Analysts, and IT Support Specialist positions in a wide-range of industries.

A+ students will learn and be certified in Networking, Hardware set-up, Software problem solving, Mobile device technical know-how, Cloud computing, Operating system installation, Cybersecurity, and Virtualization. A+ is a bit more advanced than ITF+ and should be taken after ITF+ certification has been achieved.

A+ certificate holders open themselves up for applying to roles in Systems Support, IT Help Desk positions, Network Engineering and as IT Field Technicians across a variety of industries.

What’s next?

GetIT plans to consistently add affordable and valuable courses in the near future and beyond.
Upcoming are:

  • Get Cred in Ethical Hacking: Learn about the most up to date hacking techniques and tools used by hackers and IT professionals so you’ll know what to look for and how to protect your company.
  • Get Cred in Cloud Computing: Which Cloud service provider should your business use? Learn how to answer that question and make operational Cloud-based business decisions.
  • Get Cred in G Suite/Google Workspace: Google is retiring their existing G Suite Certification and will be launching a reimagined version in 2021, so existing certifications will need to be updated.

We’re particularly excited about Ethical Hacking, as 1. Cybersecurity is needed by most any workplace that uses the Internet, and 2. Learning security by pretending to be a hacker feels like espionage. Check back in February for this offering, which will also be at the low price point of $99.