Employers in need of IT professionals are very much aware that the A+ credential indicates a serious candidate capable of handling a wide range of IT support tasks. A+ Certification represents an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the hiring pool.

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The focus of GetITCred is to provide essential IT credentials for the professional world without burdening students with excessive cost and inconvenience. The A+ Certification course is just $99 and, like all GetITCred courses, is 100% online with scheduling entirely up to you.


CompTIA A+ Course

From networking and cloud computing to identifying operational responsibilities and increasing your technical knowledge of mobile devices, the A+ Certification course is often taken upon completion of the IT Fundamentals course and will help attract employers seeking a point person for a wide range of Tech Support roles.

A+ course takers will learn and be certified in:

  • Networking – Understanding and being able to explain the various types of network connections used by most workplaces
  • Hardware– Setting up hardware devices and components
  • Software – Problem solving common PC and mobile issues
  • Mobile Devices – Acquiring a deeper technical knowledge of mobile devices; installing and configuring devices
  • Cloud Computing – Understanding key concepts and evaluating data hosting options
  • Operating Systems – Installing both Windows and Mac operating systems while providing technical support upon installation
  • Security – Protecting company assets against vulnerabilities at both the device and network level
  • Virtualization – Running a simulated version of hardware platforms, network resources and various other computer systems

A+ Certification requires passing both the Core 1 and Core 2 Exams. Once you have your credentials, certification is good for 3 years.

What Jobs Will Be Available Upon Completion?

The A+ Certificate is often viewed as a must-have for employers looking to fill roles in Systems Support, IT Technician Help Desk, Network Engineering and IT Field Technicians, to name a few.

Currently, national employment sites are showing trends in higher demand for the following roles and industries:

  • IT Help Desk Associates and Managers within the Real Estate and Financial industries
  • IT Systems Administrator (hardware, software, telecommunions, security services)
  • IT Security Manager - Network security at the enterprise level
  • Network Administrator within the architectural, engineering and manufacturing industries
  • Sr. IT Project Manager within the Energy and Retail Distribution industries
  • Do a little digging on your own and you’re likely to find that A+ Certification or the equivalent job experience and/or college degree are requirements for these types of increasingly in-demand positions. When you weigh the time and financial requirements of degrees and job experience vs that of a GetIT certification, the value of online IT credentials becomes clear.

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Once completed, a wide-range of career opportunities will be within reach. Additional and more advanced certification opportunities will be available from GetItCred in early 2021.

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