Considering a career in information technology? If so, enrolling in the IT Fundamentals course and acquiring the ITF+ Certification is a great first step. With a focus on skills required for many entry level IT positions, this course is perfect for students in career-finding mode or established professionals looking to diversify their skillset.

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The focus of GetITCred is to provide essential IT credentials for the professional world without burdening students with excessive cost and inconvenience. The IT Fundamentals course is just $99 and, like all GetITCred courses, is 100% online.


IT Fundamentals Course

From networking foundations and cybersecurity essentials to hardware and software basics, IT Fundamentals demonstrates your readiness for the digital workplace and to take the CompTIA ITF+ certification test.

IT Fundamentals course takers will learn and be certified in:

  • IT Terminology – Build your knowledge-set so that common issues and solutions can be explained to non-technical co-workers
  • Network Foundations – Establishing connectivity and mastering common operating systems
  • Hardware & Software Basics – Learning to install common workspace devices and understand programming languages and concepts
  • Applications – Methods of architecture, licensing and installation
  • Cybersecurity – Best practices that ensure confidentiality and protection of company assets

Once you’ve completed the course and passed the exam, the certificate will be immediately yours and never expires.

Want a job in IT? You need credentials

What Jobs Will Be Available Upon Completion?

The IT Fundamentals Certificate is often viewed as a must-have for employers looking to fill roles in Software Installation, Network Security, and most entry level IT positions.

Currently, national employment sites are showing trends in higher demand for the following roles and industries:

  • IT Help Desk Associate within the Real Estate industry
  • IT Security Analyst for locally-based law firms
  • IT Support Specialist within Real Estate Development
  • Do a little digging on your own and you’re likely to find that there’s no shortage of IT positions currently available and that IT Fundamentals Certification or the equivalent job experience and/or college degree are requirements for these types of increasingly in-demand positions. When you weigh the time and financial requirements of degrees and job experience vs that of a GetIT certification, the value of online IT credentials becomes clear.

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    IT Fundamentals Course Cost: Only $99

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What’s Next?

Not only will the IT Fundamentals credential prepare you for a career in IT, but also for more in-depth certifications. For many, the next step is to become CompTIA A+ certified.

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CompTIA A+ Certification Course

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